Enviromental Commitments

Our aim: Remove more carbon than we produce

moving towards Net Zero

Embracing a greener future, we’re proud to be Carbon Neutral

Smylies has invested heavily in becoming sustainable. Projects and initiatives include solar, more efficient lighting and heating systems, electric car charging, monthly litter picking and landscaping the outdoor area around our site.

Environmental commitments

What we are doing


Our warehouse

Smylies HQ is home to a thriving woodland with 100+ trees, flowers, and a wild meadow for local wildlife.

We are exploring sustainable water management solutions, including on-site rainwater harvesting. We initiated a Cycle to Work Scheme for sustainable commuting, and added six EV charging points.

Motion sensor LED lights and green-only electric/gas services power our operations. Our team keep the local area tidy by going
organising regular litter picking initiatives.


Carbon emissions

We offset 88 tonnes of carbon emissions in 2022, supporting two projects:

1. Pacajai REDD+ Project: Fighting unplanned deforestation in South America.
2. Talas De Maciel 2 Wind Farm: Generating clean electricity with 25 turbines, each capable of 2 MW of power.

In 2023 we saw a reduction in emissions to 81 tonnes, which we’ll also offset throughout future projects.

The future

Plans in motion

We’re taking concrete steps to reduce our carbon footprint and have exciting plans in motion.

In addition to the Americas projects, we’re bringing our efforts closer to home in support of The Mersey Forest Project, an initiative with the aim of planting 50 million trees across Merseyside and Cheshire.

We’re tapping into the power of the sun to fuel our energy needs with the expansion of our solar capacity from 30KW to 130KW. In addition, we are actively exploring sustainable water management solutions, including the potential for on-site rainwater harvesting.



Our core environmental goal is: Remove more carbon than we produce.

We are undertaking a comprehensive review of each department to explore ways to reduce our carbon impact, including the creation of a sustainability team to lead us on this journey.

One crucial aspect of our strategy is collaborating closely with our supply chain partners. Together, we’ll look at ways to minimise plastic packaging and prioritise the use of 100% FSC-sourced cardboard, paper tape, and environmentally friendly shrink wrap.

By embracing these eco-friendly alternatives, we hope to create a ripple effect of positive change throughout the industry.



We’re proud to have gained accreditations in Soil Association, ISO9001 and ISO14001.

Our work doesn’t stop here, though. We are also working towards gaining our BRC accreditation, which will further support our commitment to be the best we can