Investing In Technology

Elevating our Operation

Exporting excellence

We are investing in technology to enhance our business end-to-end

Our challenge was to enhance our processes for customers buying through Smylies from across the world and ensure that our online presence and buying portal achieved the highest possible standard.

We initially invested over £800k which saw upgrades to our Conveyors, IT Systems, and, Customer Portal. This investment has allowed us to operate more efficiently, whilst continuously improving service levels to our growing customer base.

2024 will see and additional investment of over £700k into our Warehouse and IT Systems.

Exporting experiences

Customer Portal

Our online shop offers global access to a wide array of food and drink brands.

Once you sign up for an account, you will be able to view price quotes, promotions and important product information, whilst filling your basket with products across the ambient, chilled and frozen food market. By engaging customers across the retail market, they can enjoy an inclusive browsing experience.


Warehouse management

Smylies ensured seamless communication between our frontend portal and Warehouse Management System. This upgrade boosted our processes, meeting high standards and catering to the rising global demand for British food exports.


Conveyor system

As food export demand surged, enhancing our warehouse operations became imperative. Smylies invested in cutting-edge technology to boost staff performance and streamline customer order handling.

Collaborating with Sovex, our team deliberated on warehouse upgrades, leading to the installation of a state-of-the-art conveyor system. Operating for over 6 years, with further upgrade made in 2023, it has significantly bolstered our order processing capacity.

Mobile instructional computers

Barcode Scanners

The technology investment aimed to empower Smylies staff for top-notch export services. Equipped with advanced, mobile-computer scanners, our team efficiently handles GR, picking, packing, and product validation.

Since implementing barcode scanners, we’ve witnessed significant internal enhancements, fueling our confidence in the technology to sustain our business growth.

Logistic Management

Smylies heavily invested in logistics tech to efficiently manage incoming and outgoing goods at HQ. Our new processes led to fewer customer claims and a remarkable increase in satisfaction.

Processing Technology

Smylies now provides pre-shipment processing options like multilingual labeling and date coding.

Buyer Support

Smylies eases workload for our partners using integration with TESCO Labs, Brandbank, and other leaders grants access to diverse marketing materials, serving as a key sales support for our buyers.

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