Published On: 28/02/20232 min read

Last month, we shared predictions for what we think global trends will be in 2023 in the food exporting industry.

From an increase in demand for healthier foods, to technological advancements, we gave a good indication of what suppliers can expect in the coming year. Now, we’re recommending five real actions that can be taken to keep up with these trends and stay ahead of the curve.

Expect more value-oriented shoppers.

Sales will be cycling COVID-19 lockdowns and price inflation in FY23. Shoppers will feel the pressure of rising prices and may switch to products with better value for money. Consider adding more value-oriented options into your mix to ensure that you are catering to your customer’s wants and maintaining their loyalty.

Drive loyalty across channels.

We expect online growth to remain robust in the future, accounting for over 50% Smylies growth to 2027. The Smylies Shopping Portal is beneficial here as it offers full access to new and best-selling ranges and the latest promotions for your business. Consider partnering with us to offer more savings and boost loyalty to strengthen your offering.

Help Smylies inspire shoppers.

Smylies is doing a huge amount in this space. From changing our promotional mix, tailoring ranges, growing exclusive brand sales, and investing in personalisation, convenience, and healthy living. Align your brand priorities with Smylies’ so that we can inspire shoppers together.

Focus on cost savings and efficiencies.

As we saw, given the looming economic crisis, cost and efficiency are a high priority for consumers so it is important to be reactive to new buying habits. Driving cost from business is a priority. This will be achieved through stronger supplier relationships, greater use of technology and automation, plus flexing its international network. Ensure your supply chain is ready for these changes as the exporter scales.

Collaborate on sustainability initiatives.

The journey to Net Zero is a major initiative that Smylies is seriously committed towards achieving, and we saw how prominent this is set to be in 2023. The best suppliers will be able to showcase how through working with them, both parties can work towards their carbon free goals and have a positive impact on the food industry.

For more information or guidance on how to stay up to date with 2023 exporting trends, get in touch with the team at Smylies at