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Launched in 2012, COYO was the first coconut milk yoghurt range to hit the dairy-free, organic market in the UK, and has since become one of the biggest-selling yoghurt alternative brands.

As a highly successful nutritional brand that delivers unique, healthy and deliciously coconut produce to British households, Smylies are here to share how COYO proved there’s more to dairy-free than soya.

Who are COYO?

The idea for COYO first originated in Australia, where from day one, the milk was handcrafted from coconuts to create a yoghurt alternative free from dairy.

Upon discovering the brand, ex police officers Bethany and Paul Eaton secured the rights to manufacture COYO in the UK and Europe, recognising a gap in the market for soya and dairy free produce, something they noticed was rare to see on food shop shelves.

Now a family business at its core, the couple took their own spin on the produce, cutting out sugar and using pure coconut milk. They launched vegan friendly COYO yoghurts in 2012 followed by their ice-cream the year after.

Committed to purity, integrity and ethical food production, COYO is manufactured in a coconut only factory, with 97% coconut milk going into each pot of yoghurt; the highest coconut percentage in the UK!

They also contain no gluten, nothing artificial, no colourings, no additives and are paleo and keto friendly – not to mention they are packed in minimal recyclable packaging too!

Capturing coconut in every pot

COYO is all about small scale production with attention to detail, following every coconut from plantation to pot and supporting local farmers and their families in sustainable farming facilities.

Harvested by hand, the coconuts are picked from farms free from mechanical and industrial pollutants and trailed back to the factory, where they taste as pure when they get to you as they did on the tree.

There are six organic flavours in their yoghurt range; natural, vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, cherry and salted caramel, as well as three ice cream flavours, including natural, chocolate and vanilla & nutmeg.

In 2019, COYO also added creamy, organic Kefir’s to their range of award winning vegan friendly products, launching natural and strawberry flavours in two sizes.

Made with artisan methods, the Kefir’s are created using organic coconut milk, fermented for 12 hours with 14 different live vegan kefir cultures.

Supporting gut health, COYO Kefir’s are brimming with billions of live, active cultures including Lactobacillus Plantarum and Bifidobacterium, giving your body a boost of nourishment.

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Bethany and Paul Eaton are also founders of the dairy-free, nut milk yoghurt brand, Nush! Explore Nush Foods and their delicious yoghurts and cream cheese with Smylies.

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