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Brands can be confident they are working with experts that have a deep understanding of the rules and regulations of each country around the world.


Partner brands

We will work closely with you to provide information on each market, whilst giving you all the details on where your products are being sent to ensure complete traceability. We are here to make your life easy, whilst still offering you an element of control for your brand in market.

Partner brand

Burtons biscuits

Through close manufacturer partnerships, Smylies collaborates with established suppliers like Burton’s Biscuits! As their official export agent, we offer competitive pricing and supply to global markets, featuring beloved brands like Jammie Dodgers and Maryland cookies.

Our business is rapidly growing and entering new markets. The success in exporting owes to Burton’s expertise and our exporting know-how.

Partner brand


Propercorn, among the UK’s fastest-growing popcorn brands, fills a gourmet snack gap. Renowned for unique flavors and healthy alternatives, it’s the UK’s 2nd bestselling popcorn, expertly popped. Proudly sourcing quality British corn, Smylies exclusively exports Propercorn, connecting global customers to its delicious flavors. Order wholesale Propercorn via our export shop.

Partner brand


Britvic is a major owner of branded soft drinks, dedicated to providing great tasting drinks from a number of well-known brands. From Robinsons and Fruit Shoot to carbonated soft drinks such as Tango and 7Up, they remain the number one provider of branded stills and the number two carbonates provider in Great Britain. By partnering with Britvic, Smylies deliver the company’s iconic drinks range to businesses worldwide.

Partner brand

Premier Foods

Premier Foods plc is a British food manufacturer, creating and owning many well-known brands and great products. Through innovation and creative insights, Premier Foods have invented a diverse selection of products, whilst also partnering with leading food brands to provide customers with delicious produce. As one of Smylies partnered brands, we export Premier Food brands such as Batchelors, OXO and Cadbury to businesses across the world, bringing some of the great, British brands we love to countries far and wide.

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