Published On: 19/04/20182 min read
Chocolate Truffle

Chocolate is a luxury that is enjoyed by almost everyone in the world, from truffles to hot cocoa and this year, sales of artisanal and British-made chocolate is part of the top three exported produce items from the UK. Importers seem to be looking towards brands who are quintessentially British with many news outlets attributing this to ongoing Brexit negotiations. Whatever the reason, Smylies boast a wide range of independently made chocolate and confectionary available for global export!

Chocolate Sales Boost UK Exports

Since 2010 the export industry has grown by 84% according to the Department of Environment, Food & Rural Affairs, with £680 million in export sales alone, as well as a notable increase in the amount of chocolate from Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME) being imported to countries across the world.

The majority of countries who have contributed to this boost are part of the EU, however the US, Canada and the United Arab Emirates make up almost half of the UK’s non-EU exports. Smylies are happy to deliver to every corner of the globe with translation services for all the companies we work with, from big confectionary brands as well as independent chocolatiers.

Artisanal Chocolate Available for Export

Willies Cacao Las Trincheras Gold 72 dark chocolate 26gDid you know that you can import exceptional chocolate straight to your store from Smylies? Our team work with Beechs, a local chocolate company who are committed to using environmentally friendly means to make, distribute and sell their chocolate and biscuits. Their dark chocolate has even been recognised by the Vegan Society!

Similarly, Willie’s Cacao, an artisanal chocolate factory in the South West of England, uses only ethically sourced cacao to make raw chocolate with no added sugar from ‘bean to bar’. Both these amazing brands and many more are available for worldwide export! Have a look at some more of the chocolate and confectionary brands Smylies work with.

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