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Every year, online magazine The Grocer analyses over 100 grocery categories to find out which brands and products have dominated the market. As a worldwide exporter of food and drink, brands and products are at the heart of what we do. So, in our latest news article, we have explored the new data from The Grocer’s annual Top Products Survey and looked at some of the leading products the UK enjoyed the most last year.

top sweet biscuit brandssweet biscuit brands

*Resourced from The Grocer’s Top Products Survey

Fastest-growing product categories in 2019

2019 has seen growth in the popularity of chocolate, rolling tobacco, and spirits.

The carbonated soft drink market has benefited hugely from the sugar levy, with Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and Red Bull among the fastest-growing brands in 2019. Bagged snacks, sports and energy drinks, and lager have performed well. Vegetarian foods and free-from ranges are on the list as consumers prioritise healthier options.

*Resourced from The Grocer’s Top Products Survey

Fastest-growing products in 2019

Coca-Cola continues to be the number 1 performer in the carbonated soft drink market. Coke Zero Sugar and other diet variants have benefited enormously from the Soft Drinks Industry Levy and increased appetite for sugar-free offerings. Pepsi has seen similar gains, with the Pepsi Max line also benefiting from the sugar levy.

Sales of Gordon’s Pink were up almost 60%, taking the brand to number 2 on The Grocer’s top 5 fastest-growing products list. Pink gin was for many the alcoholic drink of choice in 2019, with nearly all bars specialising or stocking a wide variety of flavoured gins for the growth in consumer demand.

Cadbury Dairy Milk hit position 4 and the introduction of a ‘30% less sugar’ variety has bolstered sales as consumers are drawn to healthier, sugar-free options. Red Bull’s strong performance against competitors like Lucozade has earned it a slot at 5 in the ‘top 5’ fastest-growing products of 2019.

top chocolate brands

*Resourced from The Grocer’s Top Products Survey

Meat-free is now in the mainstream

There is no stopping the rise of vegetarianism, veganism, and ‘flexitarianism’. In fact 2019 saw sales top almost £405 million, an 18% increase from the previous year. This trend looks set to continue into 2020 as retailers roll out new ‘green’ plant-based ranges to an ever-demanding public.

meat-free brands

*Resourced from The Grocer’s Top Products Survey

Both branded and non-branded goods have benefited from increased sales, with Quorn and Linda McCartney’s gaining 5.1% and 11.7% respectively. Own label brand sales from major retailers, including Tesco, ASDA, Aldi, and Iceland have increased by 22.3% as the companies react to changes in consumer eating behaviour.

*Resourced from The Grocer’s Top Products Survey

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