Published On: 25/05/20212.8 min read
Smylies market report - whats on trend 2021

Consumer habits continue to evolve as new trends encroach on traditional bagged snacks turf. 

The global food and drink market was reportedly worth $6111.1billion in 2020, a growth from $5943.8 billion in 2019. However, the products that drive increases in market value are constantly changing and former popular food and beverage products are up against strong emerging competition, particularly in the wholesale bagged snacks category. 

Trends come and go in all categories and industries, with some sticking around for a while. However, this isn’t to say we shouldn’t pay attention to how they emerge, whether they’re here to stay or not and the impact they have on their respective industries. At Smylies, we have noticed the increase in demand first hand, with brands such as Brave, Chikas, Corners and more, launching competitive and innovative healthier bagged snacks into the market. This is not to say that staple savoury snack brands have vanished totally; they’re still very much alive and well on the worldwide market, but it’s safe to say that the boat is “rocking.”

How is the bagged snack market being impacted? 

There is a growing popularity for sustainable healthier snacks and it doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon. Potato snacks in particular are up against tough competition from the likes of rice crisps, chickpeas, vegetable crisps, and quinoa chips. It would be fair to suggest that the Covid-19 global pandemic has played a significant role in the disruption of the status quo, as it has changed the lifestyles of so many consumers and also further propelled an already growing health conscious market. 

The changes in attitude we are witnessing, raise two important questions;

  • is the shift in attitude significant enough for long-standing brands to provide competitive alternatives?
  • And if so, what are wholesalers doing to accommodate the growing demands for healthier products? 

Well, neither questions have a short and simple answer. When looking at the former question, we can see that well-established brands such as Tyrells and Kettle have for some time now provided a vegetable crisp option as well as big brands like Walkers, offering potato snack ranges that are lower in calories such as French Fries. However, it would appear that the trend isn’t just affected by how many calories a bag of potato chips, (or their veggie alternatives) contains. Evidence suggests consumers are heavily influenced by the nutritional value of food items and therefore, this signals brands will have to look further into their bagged snack products to compete with emerging healthier substitutes. 

How is market demand being met?

In terms of how wholesalers are working to meet the demand – As wholesale exporters, Smylies are aware of the increased demand surrounding bagged snacks and therefore have been determined to provide access to these brands on our online Smylies Shop. It is important to Smylies that we offer a diverse range of brands to meet the needs of our buyers across the globe. Ultimately, competition is good for the global market as it encourages well-established brands to up their game and allows emerging brands make their mark as trends evolve. 

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