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Soft Drinks Marketed at Adults

The adult soft drink industry is a booming business to be in right now. More Brits are opting for mineral water, fruit juice and soft drinks in general. Soft drink sales have risen by 15.4% in 5 years, with no sign of the rise in demand slowing.

Why The Sudden Change?

Throughout the country (and beyond), citizens are being encouraged by the likes of the media, the NHS and the government, to lead healthier, more active lifestyles. As a result of the increased nationwide-interest in personal health, less people are reaching for the booze and instead choosing adult soft drink alternatives.

What Does This Mean For Soft Drink Businesses?

Of course, not only does this health-kick benefit those cutting back on their alcohol consumption, it’s also had a massive impact on soft drink businesses. Due to popular demand of specialised products, those in the soft drink industry are changing the way they look at soft drinks, flipping the industry on its head and coming up with brand new concepts.

Adult soft drink businesses are upping their game, with an abundance of exciting and creative new flavours, features and packagings coming into the marketing. They are actively catering to a whole new market of people who want to enjoy sophisticated, alcohol-free beverages.

Additionally, businesses are catering to those solely focused on their health and manufacturing drinks to satisfy those concerned with allergies or digestive health. Vegans are getting a look in too, with a number of new vegan-friendly beverages on the market.

New and Creative Beverages in 2019

Take a look at some of the ways companies are spicing up their soft drinks:


Kolibri Drinks and glass bottle manufacturer Beatson Clarke have paired up to create something totally unique; a soft drink that enables you to choose how much sugar you would like in it. The sugar is stored in the cap, so you can pour in just a little, or a lot, depending on how health-conscious you are.

As well as being stored in beautiful, colourful glass bottles, they come in some interesting flavours too:

    • Strawberry & Basil
    • Elderflower & Lime
    • Cardamom & Chilli

Red Genie

Red GenieRed Genie wanted to produce a non-alcoholic beverage that can be enjoyed by health-conscious individuals as a satisfying alternative to alcohol. Their drink is free from sugar, allergens, and artificial flavours.

Red Genie’s new non-alcoholic drink has a heavy focus on captivating imagery. Like the former, it is stored in glass bottles, but Red Genie takes it one step further and adds a cork instead of a bottle cap or lid. Their labels intentionally give the impression of flowing around the bottle in an unusual way.


Last in our list is Switchle. They’ve opted for a craft-based alternative to alcohol and mainstream soft drinks. Swichle’s intentions were to target millennials and older generations alike with a specialised drink that’s quirky and visually appealing. They have successfully incorporated the brand’s personality into the packaging, making it colourful and fun.

Will You Be Joining Them?

If you’re planning on increasing your consumption of soft drinks, there are plenty of new and innovative options out there to try. No doubt we’ll see a broad range of specialised adult drinks enter the market over the next few years, which could be good news for the country as a whole. Learn more if you are interested in British soft drinks to your country.

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