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Best British Biscuits

Everyone has a preference when it comes to their confectionary choices, but which biscuits are the best?

As international wholesale exporters of the best British biscuit brands, Smylies has tallied up a list of some of the best UK biscuits for you to discover.

What is Britain’s Most Popular Biscuit?

A study of 2,000 people, conducted by independent and international research agency, Perspectus Global, found that huge brands such as McVities and Burton’s Biscuits sub-brands continue to reign in the biscuit kingdom.

The survey also discovered that tea is the most common accompaniment to biscuits, whilst 22% select coffee as their hot drink of choice.


Best British Biscuits

Source: The Sun News


The above results are based on people being asked to name their top ten favourite biscuits and as such, the figures do not add up to 100%.

Top 5 UK Biscuits

The big five to emerge from the Prespectus Global study are paving the way for biscuit retailers in the UK and abroad, as they offer key insight into the latest consumer demands.

Find out more about the best British biscuits below:

Best British Biscuits

Chocolate Digestives (69%)

A clear winner in the biscuit world, Chocolate Digestives are a classic that has been a feature in many biscuit tins in the UK and around the world. Leading biscuit brand McVities spearheaded the introduction of the Chocolate Digestive in 1925.

Shortbread (61%)

Typically made from butter, sugar and plain flour, shortbread is a traditional Scottish biscuit. Over the years, shortbread has evolved with various twists and turns to the traditional product. Popular shortbread brands include McVities, Paterson’s, Island Bakery and more.

Chocolate Fingers (58%)

Crunchy biscuit sticks, smothered in milk chocolate, Cadbury broke the mould when they introduced their Chocolate Fingers back in 1951. A decade ago, in 2012, Cadbury Fingers were worth an estimated £40million. Brands such as Schar, offer a gluten free variation of the much loved product.

Jaffa Cake (56%)

Jaffa Cakes are often contentious in the world of biscuits, with some arguing that they are in fact a “cake,” nonetheless, this hasn’t stopped them from growing in popularity among consumers. Thanks to increasing demand, variations of the original orange flavoured sweet treat have been developed with new flavours and products including lemon & lime, cherry and blackcurrant.

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