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Following a report carried out by The Grocer, Britain’s biggest brands of 2017 have been revealed. Smylies has over 40,000 British goods available for export worldwide, including traditional favourites, household brands and new products.

Whether you are part of an international food distribution company, or you own a shop targeting British expats, you can stay one step ahead of the game by stocking all of Britain’s favourite brands.

Top 100 British Brands

Smylies are proud to be one of the biggest exporters of British products in the UK and are looking forward to continuing our partnerships in 2018, providing the best British products to locations around the world. We Take a look at some of Britain’s favourite brands to discover the most popular foods and household goods on the UK market. You can see the full list below or find out more about some of the amazing brands that Smylies work with.


It’s no surprise that Coca Cola tops the list of Britain’s biggest brands, with over 100 years in the business, they are the world’s leading drinks company and Smylies are proud to provide them in our catalogue of chilled products available for export!


Warburtons are one of Britain’s longstanding bakeries and are leading manufacturers of bread, crumpets, wholemeal bread, bread rolls and many more. Find out more about one of the world’s leading bread brand which is currently available for export from our grocery range of products!


Birdseye has recently made a huge TV comeback with the introduction of a new captain, but their frozen goods are the same top quality that they always have been and they appear fifth in the Top 100 British Products from The Grocer. Get more info about the brand below and talk to Smylies about Birdseye products for your wholesale or distribution business from our range of frozen food available for export!


Andrex have been around for year’s and quickly became the leading manufacturers of quilted toilet tissues and washlets with their adorable Andrex puppy campaigns. Discover more about their continued success in the industry and browse the range of non-food products Smylies have to offer!


Fairy is found in most kitchen’s and cleaning cupboards and their expanding brand is taking the market by storm with both hand and dish washing products being the leading choice for many. Find out how Fairy performed in the Top 100 products below and discover more products from the non-food range at Smylies available for export!

1. Coca-Cola

2. Warburtons

3. Walkers

4. Cadbury Dairy Milk

5. Birds Eye

6. McVitie’s

7. Pepsi

8. Nescafé

9. Lucozade

10. Andrex

11. McCain

12. Fairy

13. Kingsmill

14. Lurpak

15. Cadbury

16. Hovis

17. Red Bull

18. Cathedral City

19. Robinsons

20. Felix

21. Arla

22. Galaxy

23. Tropicana

24. Innocent

25. Persil

26. Wrigley’s Extra

27. Heinz Beanz

28. Pedigree

29. Pringles

30 Heinz Sauces

31. Comfort

32. Whiskas

33. Müller Corner

34 Haribo

35 Volvic

36 Jacob’s

37 Doritos

38 Heinz Soup

39 John West

40. Maltesers

41. Müller Light

42. Ariel

43. Uncle Ben’s

44. Princes

45. Kit Kat

46. Alpro

47. Weetabix

48. Evian

49. Young’s Frozen Fish

50. Magnum

51. Yeo Valley

52. Mr Kipling

53. Ribena

54. Activia

55. Aunt Bessie’s

56. Quorn

57. Monster Energy

58. Flora

59. Fanta

60. Lenor

61. Bisto

62. Napolina

63. Kenco

64. Kinder

65. Dolmio

66. Finish

67. Quaker Oats

68. Richmond

69. Maynard Bassetts

70. Schweppes

71. PG Tips

72. Bold

73. Hellmann’s

74. Chicago Town

75. Surf

76. Anchor

77. Air Wick

78. Pizza Express

79. Twinings

80. Lindt Lindor

81. Kleenex

82. McCoy’s

83. Ginsters

84. Mars

85. Dettol

86. Velvet

87. Buxton

88. Thorntons

89. Kettle

90. Irn-Bru

91. Pot Noodle

92. WeightWatchers

93. Ben & Jerry’s

94. Old El Paso

95. Actimel

96. Plenty

97. Dairylea

98. Rowntree’s

99. Philadelphia

100. Cadbury Twirl

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If you would like to find out more information about any of the brands mentioned above, or discover more trends of the UK and international food trade. visit The Grocer online now.

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