Published On: 11/04/20171.2 min read
British food is popular overseas

Despite the fall of the pound, food and drink exports rose by 10% in 2016, exceeding the £20 billion target. British food has never been more desirable overseas, and Smylies food export services have the expertise to meet the demands.

The UK is renowned for its classic flavours, distinctive foods and well-loved brands, which are recognised worldwide. The US is one of the biggest buyers of British food and drink, making up 12% of the total figure, closely followed by China.

Why trust Smylies with your exports?

Smylies offer a vast range of products consisting of around 20,000 lines, which boast some of the best known mainstream and speciality food brands in the UK. Our diverse product range includes chilled, frozen and ambient food and drink, all of which are transported by sea, air and road freight in a temperature controlled environment.

Here at Smylies we consider ourselves as a ‘one stop shop’ when it comes to exporting Britains biggest and best brands. Ensuring exports meet the export requirements for the designated country, Smylies provide a bespoke export labelling and documentation services.

This includes certificates of origin, export documents, shipping notes, label translations, bespoke labelling and best before dating.

Stock British Brand Products In Your Business

If you are interested in stocking some of the most sought after British food and drink products then choose the leading British food export company.

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