Published On: 29/05/20181.7 min read
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The British food and drink industry has been growing noticeably over the last few years. According to ‘GS1’ magazine, there has been an 11% increase in food and drink exports over the past five years. Smylies export chilled, frozen and grocer food as well as household items to countries across the globe ready for wholesale or overseas retail. In fact, online transactions through businesses such as Smylies accounted for two-thirds of the increase!

What is driving the increase in exported goods?

In short, the decrease in the Great British Pound’s worth that was triggered by Brexit has lead to an explosion in overseas businesses buying food from the UK. However, there is no denying that the quality of British food and the services we provide are unrivaled. Here in the UK, we don’t do things by halves, so when we commit to a job we like to make the most out of it!

Small Businesses Responsible for Growing Exports

This year’s export report states that small businesses are the leading force in the increase of British produce, and none so much so as independent chocolatiers. Countries around the world imported £680 billion worth of artisanal chocolate. Due to this demand for chocolate from smaller brands, the UK government has pledged to support and develop new export strategies with such businesses. The interest in local produce was also noted as a predicted shopping trend for 2018 with more and more people interested in knowing exactly where their food has come from and feeling as if they are helping minority businesses find a place in a conglomerate world. If you would like to know more about supermarket trends for 2018, read our article here.

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