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British Favourites - HP Sauce

Whether you are selling to expats, or American Anglophiles, there is an ever-growing demand for classic British favourites that aren’t readily available in the US.

Import Beloved British Food Brands to USA

Smylies offers a one-stop-shop export service, supplying British groceries, frozen goods, and chilled food to distributors and retailers all over the world. With over 20,000 products available, you are guaranteed to find British goods that will go down a treat in the United States. Import the best of British groceries to the USA with Smylies.

5 Most Wanted British Groceries In The USA

Whether expats fancy the comforting taste of home, or Americans want to try something a little cultural, there is no denying the demand of UK food across the USA.

1. Crumpets

Best served drenched in butter, this British breakfast food is highly sought after across America. Smylies export popular crumpet brand Warburton’s so that you can have great British food in the USA!

2. Cadbury’s Chocolate

The USA may be famed for its wide range of delicious chocolate and candy, but nothing beats a big bar of Dairy Milk or a Cream Egg. At Smylies, we have a wide range of British confectionery to choose from!

3. Fruit Squash

Cordial or fruit squash is often taken for granted in the UK, but it may surprise you to hear that it is not readily available in the USA. Fill the gap in the market with popular British brands such as Ribena, Vimto and Robinsons ready for export to the US!

4. HP Sauce

Brown sauce is an essential breakfast sauce and makes the perfect accompaniment to a fry-up or a bacon sandwich. You can’t get much more British than the aptly named Houses of Parliament Sauce! Discover a wide range of UK condiments available for export from Smylies including Heinz Ketchup, Salad Cream, Branston Pickle, and Piccalilli.

5. English Breakfast Tea

Fruit tea is very popular in the States, but a classic cup of breakfast tea is hard to come by. Smylies offers the comforting taste of the UK, through brands such as Yorkshire Tea, PG Tips, Twining’s and Typhoo ready for the US to import.

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Choose Smylies for Exporting British Food In America

We are dedicated to making the exportation process as stress-free as possible for all of our clients. This is why we also offer labelling and logistical solutions.

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