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UK’s Household Cleaning Products 2020 Boom

With hygiene and sanitation under the spotlight more than ever before, household cleaning products saw a huge increase in consumer demand, as sales soared during 2020. This was also further propelled by the amount of people who stayed at home as a result of government restrictions.

Dominating the news headlines, stockpiling and panic buying played a huge role in the increase of household cleaning sales, as the world battled through the emergence of Covid-19.

How Did Consumer’s Buying Behaviour Change Towards Cleaning Products?

Not only were buyers keen to keep their surroundings looking spick and span, consumers were also faced with the challenge of reducing the transmission of Covid-19, which saw further purchases of household cleaning goods. According to an article produced by The Grocer, approximately a further 49 million packs of surface care products went through the tills in 2020 alone.

Between the two of them, cleaning brand giants Dettol and Flash, made an extra £71.7m – which is far from surprising given consumers desires to keep Covid-19 at bay, whilst also having more time to maintain a stringent cleaning routine.

Another insight into how the consumer behaviour changed during 2020 comes from Ecover’s senior brand manager, Charlotte Snelgrove, who told The Grocer “Dishwasher use grew to an average of 6.2 cycles each week between March and April 2020.”

Top Household Cleaning Products 2020

Thanks to a recent report in The Grocer, the Smylies team have managed to collate the top 3 performing UK brands of various household cleaning product categories. Well-known brands have remained on top throughout the buying surges, with eco conscious brands sneaking into the top 3 in some categories.

Kitchen Towels

  1. Plenty – £106.8m
  2. Regina – £98.3m
  3. Nicky – £3.8m

Toilet Care

  1. Domestos – £66.8m
  2. Toilet Duck – £31.9m
  3. Harpic – £30.2m

Auto Dishwash

  1. Finish – £121.8m
  2. Fairy- £77.9m
  3. Ecover – £7.2m

Hand Dishwash

  1. Fairy – £122.7m
  2. Ecover – £9.7m
  3. Method – £1.6m

Surface Care

  1. Dettol – £106m
  2. Flash – £91.6m
  3. Cif – £38.8m

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