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Australian food labelling

Smylies is a food export and labelling service transporting British foods and goods across the world. Our expert labelling and inkjet solutions can ensure that products are in keeping with the regulations of a range of destinations.

It is crucial to keep up to date with latest changes in law across food, labelling and export industries to avoid fines and repercussions.

Food and Drink labelling in Australia

The Australian government are implementing new food labelling regulations to ensure that consumers are made aware of the country of origin of their food and drink purchases. The law will be enforced in July 2017. Manufacturers will have to clearly state a full breakdown of where the food was grown, made and packaged. Fish, meat, vegetable, nuts and spices will all have to state import information. The current labelling system only states where the food has been packed, and Australians feel that this is no longer sufficient.

There has also been controversy over the past couple of months regarding the insufficient allergy warnings on Australian packaging. 14th-20th May 2017 marks Food Allergy Awareness Week across Australia and New Zealand. Almost 30% of edible goods on supermarket shelves had been declared safe to eat following food and safety checks, but they are not currently labelled to state this, whilst food and drink that have not undergone risk assessments do not have to declare this.

Experts say that food manufacturers use the phrase “May contain traces of…” without running tests for these products (milk, nuts, soy etc.) Many of these products have no traces of common allergens in them whatsoever. This ad-hoc labelling system dramatically restricts the diet of consumers suffering from allergies.

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Smylies Boast Food Labelling Expertise

Ensuring that ingredients such as meat, E numbers and alcohol are highlighted, Smylies offer bespoke labelling solutions for all UK exports.

Our services also include label translations to a variety of languages such as Arabic, Spanish, Mandarin and Russian. We can also ‘ink-jet’ best before dates on all produce and cartons making for safe consumption.

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