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There are a number of British-based export businesses that deliver goods and products to destinations all over the world, so why should you choose Smylies?

Smylies is a family-run enterprise that has over 15 years’ experience in the food export business. As the industry evolves and innovates, so have we, investing in state-of-the-art storage facilities and transport networks.

Experienced Working With Big Brands

Choose Smylies for your export needs as we have extensive experience working with some of the biggest brands including Cadbury’s, Branston Pickle, Bird’s Eye and many more. Because of this we are well-equipped to distribute your business’ goods in an efficient and effective way.

If your business produces chilled or frozen goods, then take advantage of Smylies’ temperature-controlled storage and distribution facilities. We can ensure your items arrive at their destination fresh and ready to sell, without any unnecessary wastage.

Understanding requirements of global exports

Smylies talented team understand the intricacies of exporting to different destinations, understanding both the needs of the manufacturer and the legal requirements of each country.

We approach each shipment with the same high-quality of service and professionalism, highlighted by our ISO 9001 certification.

Despite moving over 100 tonnes of air freight and 50 containers of goods by ship, Smylies is committed to being an environmentally friendly company. We strive to reduce waste at our warehouses and reduce our impact on the local environment.

As the UK export industry continues to grow, so does Smylies. We are always adding talented team members to our family, ensuring we have specialists stationed throughout the entire export process. Import British food and drink to your country.

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