Published On: 01/10/20212.4 min read
cocos organic

The team is delighted to unveil our latest addition to the Smylies Brand Builder family, Cocos Organic, the UK’s new favourite organic coconut yoghurt alternative. Cocos Organic produces delicious coconut milk based yoghurts and kefir – suitable for vegetarians and vegans, meaning everyone can enjoy Cocos Organic products.

With a delicately creamy texture and tropical taste, each pot of Cocos Organic contains 98% of the purest coconut milk and is free from dairy, palm oil, lactose, gluten and soya.

Who is Cocos Organic?

On a mission to produce life changing coconut yoghurt alternatives that are good for consumers’ taste buds and gut health, Cocos Organic produces their wholesome products with minimal processes and carefully sourced ingredients. Based in Kent, the independent and family run Cocos Organic, manufactures yoghurt and kefir products from their boutique coconut only factory. Founded with a vision to provide yoghurts and kefir that can be devoured by those who are conscious of their health and sustainability minded, Cocos Organic produce naturally cloud like filler, additive, sweetener and sugar free creamy

Doubling down on their sustainability and free from ethos, Cocos Organic is both proudly Vegan Society and Soil Association approved.

cocos organic

Gut-Friendly and Seriously Yummy

Cocos Organic always ferments their products with carefully chosen live plant-based cultures to ensure and promote good gut-health, alongside their naturally indulgent super thick and creamy textures. Following the fermenting process, Cocos Organic doesn’t heat treat their products, meaning they retain all the positive bacteria for good gut-health and consequently aid the digestion process of their products.

Cocos Organic production process supports a number of vegan cultures to support a healthy microbiome, including:

  • Lactobacillus Acidophilus
  • Streptococcus Thermophilus
  • Bifidobacterium Species

Not only is Cocos Organic proven to be beneficial for individuals gut-health, it also boasts a mouth-watering array of yoghurt and kefir products, featuring exciting and indulgent flavours such as Mixed Berry, Strawberry, Vanilla and more.

The creamy and luxurious textures only underpin the delicious flavour combinations the brand boasts.

cocos organic

How Can International Wholesalers Benefit from Cocos Organic?

The quality and taste of Cocos Organic is like no other dairy alternative, with its product line forever expanding, as the brand makes its mark on the global market. Worldwide wholesalers and retailers are able to pack their shelves and store facilities with the UK’s leading non dairy yoghurt brand thanks to the Smylies Shop.

Export COCOS Organic with Smylies

Courtesy of the Smylies Shop and our strong Brand Builder partner with Cocos Organic, it’s never been easier to export the luxurious offerings from Cocos Organic.

Stock your shelves with one of the UK’s most loved vegetarian and vegan safe, dairy-free yoghurts the UK has to offer.

Shop online or to speak to someone directly, you can contact us on 0333 331 5235.