Published On: 30/03/20181.8 min read
Booja Booja chocolate

Plant based diets are on the rise in recent years with many choosing to opt for diet free of animal derivatives, including dairy. Most brands are now accommodating towards vegan diets and are offering alternatives that can be enjoyed by all. Smylies can help you stock the best dairy-free products, including chocolate!

Vegan Chocolate for Wholesale

Investing in vegan products for your supermarket or retail space is sure to help your business thrive with animal-alternatives becoming much sought after. However, it is not just a vegan demographic you would be catering towards, as those with lactose-intolerance or dairy allergies will appreciate incredible tasting chocolate that they otherwise might not be able to eat.
booja booja icecream

Booja Booja Awarded Tastiest Ice Cream

In a 2018 survey, it was dairy-free chocolate company Booja Booja who won the award for ‘Best Tasting Easter Egg’ in the UK, proving that vegan chocolate is just as tasty as its counterparts. Smylies are happy to provide Booja Booja products for worldwide export, including their dairy-free ice cream. Vegan food is another world of chocolate that can be explored, as plant-based produce combines to form unique tastes that can be enjoyed on any diet. Smylies can help you tailor an order towards those who eat dairy-free.

Labelling Dairy-Free Chocolate for Export

Smylies offer a service whereby we will not only provide you with luxurious dairy-free chocolate, but label it specifically for your country’s requirements. Many dietary symbols are not universal, so our specialists can help you make sure the food you’re selling complies with the legislation of the country of destination. See how our expert printing and labelling service can benefit you.

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