Published On: 14/08/20171.1 min read
Ice cream cone with pink ice cream

Recent figures show that in the last year, retail sales of British food have grown 3% to £3.5bn according to Kantar WorldPanel. The increase comes primarily from ice cream and frozen confectionary, representing 22% of the frozen food market.

Frozen product sales increase

As well as sweet frozen products, the sales of prepared vegetables, notably sweet potato and onion. This is a growing customer trend of ‘convenient nutrition’ where people are improving their diet but saving time with pre-prepared vegetables. With increased sales comes increased demand, and Smylies work with brands from across the UK to provide frozen goods including meat, fish, pizzas and more to supermarkets throughout the UK and abroad. Get more details on Smylies’ frozen exports.

Frozen exports from Smylies

Smylies work with some of the biggest UK brand’s, taking their frozen food, desserts, ready meals and meat to destinations worldwide. We have worked with the biggest brands, including BirdsEye, Oreo, Häagen Daz, Cadbury, Wall’s and many more, delivering quality British foods globally.

Sell your frozen goods abroad

Our network includes air, sea and freight transportation, all equipped with temperature controlled technology to ensure products arrive unspoilt and ready for sale. For more details on Smylies’ frozen exports or if you’d like your product to be sold overseas, you can contact Smylies online.

Alternatively, you can get in touch by calling us directly on +44 (0) 151 653 3335.