Published On: 05/08/20192.5 min read

In 2016, Nush Foods were the first brand to release the UK’s very first range of dairy-free, nut milk yoghurts, creating light and creamy flavours that have stayed the same since their first original recipe.

As a growing brand in the dairy-free market, Smylies latest article explores the origins of their rich and creamy produce and how Nush Foods removed the myth that dairy-free means bland or boring!

Who are Nush Foods?

Nush Foods started with founders Bethany and Paul, who experimented with homemade recipes in their very own kitchen in their family home.

Testing and trailing dairy and soya free produce, the pair found the perfect balance of almond milk and live vegan cultures for a delicious yoghurt recipe, and in 2016, Nush was born.

Freshly preparing their own artisan almond milk yoghurt in Kent, every flavour is created using the highest quality natural ingredients and the most ethical suppliers; squeezing 35 Sicilian almonds in each 120g pot!

Rich in nutrients and bursting with health benefits, every almond is sourced from a family plantation in Sicily and combined with filtered water and vegan probiotic cultures to create an all-natural recipe.

Free from dairy, lactose, gluten, soya, preservatives, additives and refined sugar, Nush yoghurts are as nutritionally beneficial as possible. So much so, they have more nuts in their almond milk yoghurt than any other brand in the UK!

Enthusiastic about doing dairy-free differently, the brand has since expanded their nutty produce across a range of almond milk Nush tubes, Cheese Spread and three flavours of organic cashew milk yoghurt, delivering ethical products that truly live up to their legacy.

Shop Nush Foods with Smylies

As a brand grown on British soil, Smylies thought it was only fair countries across the world could experience the fantastic range of dairy-free yoghurts and cream cheese from Nush Foods too!

Among our selection you will find their variety of almond milk yoghurts, from the creamy Natural flavoured pot, to Caramel & Hibiscus, Blueberry, Peach Melba and Strawberry. Not forgetting the Natural, Vanilla and Strawberry cashew milk yoghurts too!

In addition, if you’re looking for cream-cheese like no other, choose from their Natural, Chive or Sweet Chilli almond milk flavours as well.

For goodness in a nutshell, shop Nush Foods on the Smylies shop and start stocking your store with deliciously dairy-free produce.

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