Published On: 15/02/20182.9 min read
Protein Products available from Smylies

With the ‘new year’ diets well and truly underway by February, the market for healthier food products is thriving. Over recent years, the trend for choosing produce that is heavy in protein has changed the relationship that buyers have with consumers, forcing brands like Weetabix, Mars and Innocent Smoothies to revaluate their products.

Why choose protein products?

Protein is known to increase muscle mass, as well as repairing and building it, making it a number one must have for healthy eaters and body builders. This has given brands an attractive selling point and gateway into an otherwise exclusive market. Smylies has a collection of protein-based products to help any supermarket join the protein kick.


Weetabix Protein CrunchStarting the day off with a bowl full of protein is a priority for many, and this can be found in Weetabix’s Protein Crunch. Available in flavours ‘Original’ and ‘Chocolate’, the Weetabix Crunch is 100% wholegrain and packs 6.0g of protein per 30g serving, along with fortified vitamins and iron.

Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day, and Weetabix has made sure that your first meal in the morning is high in fibre. If you prefer the classic Weetabix products, Weetabix Protein is a great alternative innkeeping with the new protein trend. Find all the excellent cereals that Smylies stock here.


Arla 2 ProteinArla Protein Yoghurts can be enjoyed as part of a balanced breakfast, or as a snack throughout the day. With 20g of protein per delicious pot, Arla’s yoghurts can be bought in either blueberry, raspberry or strawberry flavours. Many choose to enjoy this product as part of their gym routine, and with a full bodied, creamy texture it can be enjoyed as a healthy treat.

Arla Protein is an alternative to sugary yoghurts as its primary ingredient is quark, a low-fat form of soft cheese that has lactose and sugar removed, leaving the milk protein that makes this product so filling and perfect for muscles. Smylies already provides a wide range of snacks across the globe, some of which you can see here.


innocent proteinInnocent are one of the UK’s leading smoothie brands, packed full of fruit, and have now added ‘Super Smoothie’ to their collection. Super Smoothies are made with a guaranteed one portion of fruit, with soya protein and coconut milk to provide 8g of protein in every 360ml bottle. Innocent’s ‘Berry Protein’ flavour is jam packed with summer fruit berries, and the ‘Tropical Protein’ is filled to the brim with mangoes, pineapples and limes.

With the smoothies being a great source of vitamins B1, B2 and B6, these drinks are appealing to anyone on a health kick. Products rich with protein and added vitamins are increasingly popular amongst consumers, so why not have a look at a few more of the soft drinks Smylies exports?

Enquire about protein products for wholesale

Smylies is proud to provide exportation of protein rich products worldwide. You can find a comprehensive list of our protein range here. If you are an exporter, wholesaler or retailer working abroad, contact us on +44 (0) 151 653 3335 or contact our team online to place an order today. We use vehicles with temperature control so that your frozen and chilled goods reach you in perfect condition.