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Every year, online magazine The Grocer analyses over 100 grocery categories to find out which brands and products have dominated the market.

As a worldwide exporter of food and drink, brands and products are at the heart of what we do. So, in our latest news article, we have explored the new data from The Grocer’s annual Top Products Survey and looked at some of the leading products the UK enjoyed the most last year. Not only this, but if you would like to find out more, you can download The Survey by clicking on the image below!

Challenger products meet demands

The success stories of 2018 included the likes of Halo Top, Ferrero and Graze, who have climbed their way to the top with their innovative products.

Halo Top introduced their dairy free ice-cream to the UK last summer, with a key focus on low-calorie and high-protein ingredients. Their success led them to become the UK’s 6th largest tub brand and 3rd fastest growing product on The Grocer’s challenger brand list.

Similarly, Ferrero’s Nutella B-Ready Bar and Graze Snack Boxes catered for the growing demand of healthy snacks. Nutella B-Ready was up 886% in 2018, making it the 2nd fastest growing product, with Graze Snack Boxes 7th on the list.

Other worthy mentions included, L’0r instant coffee, Heinz 50% less sugar and salt tomato ketchup and Alpro yoghurts and desserts, all of which resemble a common health trend.

Grocery’s fastest growing products

Alcohol brands dominated the fastest-growing products in last year’s report, with Gordon’s Pink Gin and Stella Artois making the top 5.

If you would like to read more about the food and drink market in 2018, delve into The Grocer’s Top Products Survey by clicking the image above.

The trend in new gin flavours saw the country spend an extra £329.1m on spirits, with Brits also spending an extra £319m on beer, cider, stout and ale combined.

With the scorching sun Britain experienced last summer, it is no doubt we may have quenched our thirst with liquor, and subsequently contributed to the soaring rise in alcohol sales.

Market giants Coca-Cola Zero Sugar and Pepsi Max were also revealed to be in the top 5 of the fastest growing products. As both of these sugar free variants of fizzy drinks ranked highly in 2018, the era of full-sugar pop seems to be falling behind.

Lastly, blueberries secured a prime spot and over took clementine’s as the nation’s 5th favourite fruit. Known for being a ‘superfood’, they saw a 16.6% boost to sale volumes.

The data revealed by The Grocer’s annual Top Products Survey, could suggest our health is becoming a more prominent consideration when making our food choices, shaping the nation’s food habits and product sales.

Nevertheless, brands are facing the pressure to become more innovative when releasing new products.

If you would like to read more about the food and drink market in 2018, download The Grocer’s Top Products Survey 2018.

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