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Industry experts have argued that the UK government needs to dedicate money and resources to help small food and drink manufacturers in export promotions. As the UK heads towards Brexit, the importance of strong export networks will increase and export businesses should be supported.

Delegates at a recent seminar on policy priorities for the UK food and drink industry in London found that although the government supported exports at a policy level, they were neglecting food and drink promotions.

Exporting food and drink around the world

Some attendees of the seminar noted that, at trade shows around the world, it is clear that other countries dedicate more time, money and resources to trade spend. Smylie Ltd often visit these events, displaying our range of services and own brand of hand-cooked British crisps, The King’s Deli.

Smylies is a global exporter of British food and drink items, delivering British goods to destinations all over the world. We are a family business that has gone from strength to strength over the last decade, allowing us to provide over 40,000 products.

Smylies provide safe, secure and temperature controlled distribution services, ensuring shipments are completed efficiently and without any damage. Meeting customer and country requirements, we also provide expert dating and labelling services on exports.

As the economy and trade enters an uncertain period, Smylies will continue to provide professional services. Our team offer bespoke export documentation services to the highest possible standard.

We have amassed a reputation for providing comprehensive and cost-effective solutions, and will continue to do so.

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