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Food nutrition labelling

Food labelling requirements are constantly changing across the world. The Smylies team recognise it is important to keep up to date with the latest regulations in the countries we supply to. That is why all our orders come with bespoke labelling, ensuring your produce complies with your country’s legislation.
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Portion size labels to be enforced

Worldwide conglomerates such as Coca Cola, Mars, Nestle and Unilever want to point consumers towards smaller portions rather than sticking with the traditional traffic light scheme currently in place across the European Union.

The labels displayed on the front of the packaging aim to colour code calories, fat, sugar and salt content as either red, amber or green, depending their nutritional value. The group of suppliers want to create a labelling scheme, alongside the current one, that highlights the benefits of smaller portions.

Recently, portion control has become a talking point when discussing food packaging and manufacturing. When it comes to larger snacks, sharing bags, and even cupboard staples such as bread and wine, companies are insisting clear labelling which states the recommended portion size and its nutritional value. This encourages consumers to make healthier choices as they understand the importance of serving sizes. The Department of Health in the UK also believe that products that are unlikely to be eaten all at once should be labelled according to one serving.

However, some companies, such as Which? think that this labelling could confuse consumers with an overload of facts and figures, and brands should stick to the current, simpler system.

Bespoke label service with SmyliesSupermarket Drinks cans

Smylies’ ensure all of the goods available for export with us stay up to date according to the current labelling regulations across the world. Our team ensures any products our clients import clearly declares ingredients that are prohibited in the country of destination such as meat, E-numbers and alcohol, as well as the nutritional information and country of origin. From chilled soups to tasty cakes, Smylies have a great range of British food products ready for wholesale across the globe.

Smylies also provide professional translations for the ingredients in a wide range of languages including Arabic, Mandarin, Russian and Spanish. See how Smylies tailor every product to individual clients with our bespoke labelling system.

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