Published On: 04/06/20181.8 min read
Shopping Trends

Nostalgia has become somewhat of a trend in recent years with today’s generations yearning for fashion, music, films and even food reminiscent of the seventies, eighties and nineties. Let Smylies whet your appetite for family favourites loved throughout the decades! Stock your shelves with food and groceries from brands that have fed the world since the 1800s.

Seventies Style Food

Did you know that by the 1970s, around fifty percent of UK houses had a freezer? This then paved the way for the frozen foods market to boom and brands such as Birdseye were able to mass produce frozen peas and poultry. Today, Smylies stocks Birdseye frozen food ready for export across the globe, along with other frozen ready-make food from Bannisters’ Farm, Youngs and Bisto.

Snack Food of the Eighties

With longer working hours and more disposable income, the eighties were the time of the snack! Crisps still are a favourite for consumers around the world, and no convenience store or supermarket is complete without them. Smylies have popular crisp brands such as Walkers and Pringles available for export to your overseas retail or wholesale business.

Nineties Nibbles

Italian Food was the biggest cuisine trend of the 1990s and spurred on ranges of pasta sauces and fresh pasta so that people at home could emulate their favourite European dishes. Today Dolmio and Napolina are household names and used every day for an easy fix for tea. Take a look at our range of sauces and see what tickles your fancy!

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Today the food trends seemed to be focused around clean eating and veganism with supermarkets and stores across the globe choosing animal-free options. You can stock your shelves with vegan food from Smylies.

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Whatever iconic British brands you would like to stock on your shelves overseas, make sure to choose Smylies for British exports.