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Within retail and wholesale markets across the globe, analysts are constantly looking to track and project upcoming consumer trends, as can be found in our 2022 Consumer Trends article, published earlier this year.

Drink Trends of the Future

The drink retail industry is thriving, particularly when it comes to evolving trends and emerging brands. Brands, both old and new, have the ability to shape and also grow with evolving trends and follow their customers as their lifestyle changes.

Elevated Experience

It’s becoming increasingly popular for consumers to desire an enhanced experience over possessions. Consumers are seeking both multidimensional and multi sensorial offers, in order to fully immerse themselves in a moment. With ultra indulgence drinks from brands like Starbucks, to protein fuelled meal replacement drinks from UFIT.

1. Pleasure & Indulgence

Self care is and has been, rapidly gaining popularity, particularly across social media platforms, which are often used to promote a wealth of products. As a result of this, consumers are keen to invest in experiences that provide them with the opportunity to relax and unwind.

2. Fantasy & Fun

With consumers working longer hours and finding themselves under increasing pressure, they’re often looking for escapism in the products they purchase. Moreover, the fantasy and fun trend lends towards adults wanting experiences that distract them from their responsibilities and inject fun and enjoyment into their lives.

3. Authenticity & Craft

Whilst there are plenty of mass production drink brands still thriving in the market, the demand for artisanal and authentic drink products is higher than ever before, and only expected to increase. Amongst consumers, there is much more appreciation for drink products with a strong heritage and an interesting brand backstory.

Well-being Revolution

Holistic well-being is an overriding focus within the well-being world, as consumers look beyond physical health. In a bid to create a more balanced version of themselves, consumers are blending science and nature when it comes to their well-being purchases, along with the influence of peers, experts and social influencers.

1. Return to Nature

There is a strong focus amongst drink and food consumers towards a more natural diet, particularly plant-based products. Furthermore, with the ‘return to nature’ trend, we predict there is likely to be a steady increase in alternative health practices, along with traditional and ancient origins. From cleaner ingredients, to superfoods and more, a return to nature is a significant element of the wellbeing revolution trend.

2. Achieving Balance

Emotional and mental needs are being introduced into the purchasing habits of consumers as they incorporate a balanced approach to wellbeing that doesn’t solely focus on their physical health. The achieving balance trend can be seen in healthier alcoholic drinks and sometimes alcohol free drink products sweeping across the baskets of consumers around the globe.

3. Status from Wellness

Wellness is becoming a key part of a consumer’s societal status, with consumers spending more money, as they go to great lengths to reach their wellness aspirations. This is greatly exaggerated by social media as influencers heavily promote wellness related products.

Responsible Actions

Consumers across the globe are displaying an interest in making more eco-conscious purchases, pushing brands to invest in the planet and sustainability to ensure their customers are on board for the long haul.

1. Better for the Planet

The awareness surrounding the growing climate crisis has led to companies offering more and more sustainable products. By way of working towards a better planet, businesses have implemented strategies and initiatives to reduce waste and limit pollution. This can be seen primarily through sustainable and recyclable packaging, as brands opt to give consumers exactly what they’re looking for to better promote their products.

2. True Transparency

Thanks to the emergence of enhanced online and social media presences whereby consumers can access information and share information much more readily, trust and transparency are vital. Consequently, consumers expect brands to be honest and transparent about their practices.

On-demand Living

Consumers are living faster, busier lives resulting in a demand for convenience where quality isn’t compromised when it comes to their drink purchases. Flexibility is key to this, along with innovative concepts that grab consumers attention.

1. Anytime Anywhere Access

Through innovative technology and supply chain developments, brands are able to better meet demands for faster, more flexible service offerings from consumers. The need for brands to adapt in this way is only growing, with consumers wanting access to their favourite drink products when and where they want it. Brands such as, Robinsons, are already adapting to this well, with products such as Robinsons Drops, designed to be added to water whilst on-the-go.

2. Easy Choice Navigation

When browsing down aisles and across menus, consumers are seeking an easy journey, from path to product purchase. This is a key element of the on-demand living trend, particularly as it allows for the consumer to breeze through their day to day lives, with minimal effort required to choose their desired product. Colour coding is a good example of this, which can be seen by brands such as Innocent.

3. Flexible Occasions

Convenience is key, and very evidently a dominating trend that doesn’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon. As a result, consumers demand flexibility and are also having to adhere to more flexible schedules themselves. This can be seen in consumers working and personal lives, with late working hours and more spontaneous social occasions.

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