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consumer trends 2022

In this ever changing world where globalisation is thriving and doesn’t appear to be stopping anytime soon, it’s certainly worth taking time to better understand consumer trends and demands.

Consequently, as an entity that exports to international markets, the Smylies team has picked out key consumer trends for brands to take note of.

What is a Global Consumer?

Gone are the days of consumers not being able to branch out into other cultures and countries to purchase their goods and services, whether that be food, drink, clothing, tech products and more.

Huge brands such as Coca Cola, IKEA, Cadbury’s, Starbucks and Apple, sell their products worldwide as their products become staple items in homes and businesses from Brazil to Hong Kong and beyond.

What are the Current Consumer Trends?

As we embark on a new year, there’s a plethora of global consumer trends to look out for. From ‘Ethics Check’ to ‘Climate Complexity’ and more, there’s lots of insightful information to assist brands when it comes to consumer behaviour and consumer trends.

1. Feel in Control

With an abundance of uncertainty looming over both brands and consumers over the last couple of years, an unsurprising projected consumer trend of 2022 is ‘feel in control’. This trend will manifest in more ways than one, with a keen focus on faster, more convenient delivery methods, along with more advanced algorithms which can monitor and determine consumer moods and personalities, resulting in much more accurate results when it comes to recommending holiday destinations, restaurants and so forth.

Key leverage opportunities for brands include:

  • Understanding the supply chain of their products. Consumers are much more aware of what is used to produce/create their products and the impact the production process has. To leverage this, brands should invest in technology software that can trace supply chains in real-time.
  • Clear and simple slogans are increasingly the best way to both capture the attention of and gain trust from consumers as misinformation and how to spot it rises. In short, ‘provable claims’ are a strong and invaluable asset to brands.

2. Ethics Check

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware/conscious about brand’s ethics. This has evolved into a desire from consumers to see measurable results from tangible actions. The key to this transparency and consistency as brand’s create long-term strategies to showcase their efforts.

According to a report by Mintel, 61% of UK consumers agree that buying from ethical brands is a good way of helping to improve the world we live in. In addition to this, 68% of Brazilian consumers agree that it’s important to search a company’s business practices before buying from them.

So, in a world where consumers are conscious of data breaches, food safety, algorithm bias and more – what are brands able to do to pass the ‘ethics check’?

Key leverage opportunities for brands include:

  • Through the use of metrics, brands can enable consumers to calculate the impact a brand has reached, which in turn can determine consumers buying decisions.
  • Collaborating with other ethically conscious brands and organisations will help both to double down on their endeavours and provide further guidance and support to those involved in the campaigns and strategies.

It’s safe to assume that as the ‘ethics check’ trend evolves, there is certainly scope for further industry standardisation of ethical behaviours on the horizon allowing for consumers to make ethically informed purchasing decisions.

3. Climate Complexity

It’s no surprise that ‘climate complexity’ is one of 2022’s consumer trends and will continue to play a pivotal role as consumer trends evolve over the coming years. Brands are steering the ship for consumers when it comes to helping their impact on the environment.

Transparency and good public messaging, as well as real life solutions and changes are key to brands showcasing their dedication to tackling the climate crisis.

Brand’s commitments to mitigating the impacts of climate change is a keen focus for consumers across the globe. This includes McDonalds’ implementation of paper straws back in 2018 as well as pioneering, ethically conscious brands such as:

  • Nush Foods
  • Kiss the Hippo Coffee

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