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According to a survey by Savvy, over 70% of shoppers think that convenience stores (C-stores) are more important in today’s society than ever before, not just in the UK but globally. The ease of being able to pick up essential products doesn’t mean that a C-store has to only deal in discounted goods. Smylies offer a wide collection of food, drink and household products that range from household favourites to premium brands, so you can stock the produce you love.

Changes in the Convenience Store Industry

Healthy snacking and protein rich products are on the rise, and most shops are now taking note and promoting related produce. Grab and go food, including meals on the go, are becoming the driving force behind consumers who are shopping in convenience stores from a packet of crisps to eat with their lunch to healthy ready meals to cook for their evening meal. Breakfast ‘on the go’ is also another market that C-stores are tapping into as their customers shop in a morning before work to grab a breakfast they can take with them to work or eat on their morning commute. Smylies offer portion control snacks for wholesale as well as superfood drinks and breakfast enriched with protein.

CrispsCustomers Want Fresh Food

With delivery giants Deliveroo, Just Eat and Uber Eats dominating the takeaway scene, it is important to make sure that whether your shop is part of a larger department store or a newsagent, your shelves are stocked with quality products that your consumers want. Despite restaurant meals being delivered straight to your door, many households are choosing to cook their own meals during the week and many supermarkets are now pushing easy to make recipes in order to increase the sale of fresh food.

Help your convenience store grow in 2018 and browse the range of fresh, chilled and frozen food available from Smylies.

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