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Japan relies heavily on food imports from the rest of the world to feed its population. In fact, only 39% of the food consumed within Japan is produced there, so it’s important for them to import food and drink goods from all over the world, including the UK.

What does Japan import?

Surprisingly, Japan’s most heavily imported foods are pork and pork products at £3.2 billion, followed by frozen fish as a close second at £2.5 billion. Corn then follows frozen fish at the value of £2.5 billion, then fish fillets at the same. Crustaceans like lobsters and crab are fifth at £1.7 billion, then another meat product being beef at £1.5 billion.

Preserved fish like sardines and caviar, then wine follows beef, both at a value of £1.27 billion. The last two top Japanese imports are both agricultural imports; wheat and soya beans at £1.19 billion and £1.12 billion respectively.

Top 10 Japanese Food and Drink Imports

Here are the top ten food and drink products imported by Japan in 2018.

  • Pork – £3.2 billion
  • Whole Fish (frozen) – £2.5 billion
  • Corn – £2.5 billion
  • Fish Fillets (fresh) – £2.5 billion
  • Crustaceans (including lobsters) – £1.7 billion
  • Fresh or chilled beef – £1.5 billion
  • Preserved Fish – £1.27 billion
  • Wine – £1.27 billion
  • Wheat – £1.19 billion
  • Soya Beans – £1.12 billion

Top 10 Japanese Non-Food Imports

And here are the top ten Japanese non-food imports

  • Mineral fuels including oil – £116.2 billion
  • Electric machinery and equipment – £73.7 billion
  • Machinery including computers– £52.6 billion
  • Optical, technical and medical apparatus – £21 billion
  • Pharmaceuticals – £20.3 billion
  • Vehicles – £17.7 billion
  • Ores, slag, ash – £16.5 billion
  • Organic chemicals – £12 billion
  • Clothing, accessories (not knit or crochet) – £10.6 billion

Nippon’s Soft Spot for Pork

Meat and fish are by far the most valuable food imports for Japan, with Pork and Pork products at the top of the list, with frozen fish following as close second. In fact, seafood and meats make up around 60% of the top ten imports, with agricultural food products and alcohol filling the rest of the list.#

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Reliant On Agriculture Imports

As Japan is rely heavily on food imports to feed their people, it’s no surprise that, besides meat and fish, wheat and corn are on the top ten Japan imports list. Smylies offers lots of quality wheat and grain-based products like cereals, bread, rice & pasta and noodles, available to import directly to Japan. We also offer plenty of soy-based products like soya milk, yoghurts and many other seed, grain, bean and wheat-based items.


Serious about Seafood

As well as meat and meat-based products, Japan loves fish. Fish and fish products make up three of the top ten imports to Japan. Whether that be frozen, fresh or preserved fish, it’s a highly sought after commodity in Japan. Frozen and fresh fish is worth a whopping £5 billion to Japan collectively. It’s not just fresh and frozen fish, either, Japan also loves preserved fish like tinned sardines, salmon and tuna, all of which Smylies have available  in our UK seafood export range.

As well as fish, Japan is also crazy for crustaceans! Crustaceans like crab meat, prawns and scampi are all popular food items in Japan and are also available for import from Smylies.

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