Published On: 21/03/20171.6 min read
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Despite overseas sales topping £20bn for the first time, the Food and Drink Federation (FDF) have declared that food and drink exports ‘still have massive untapped potential’. The figures, taken from records in 2016, show a rise in 10.5% overall, with branded foods and non-alcoholic drinks achieving an 11.5% growth.

Government support crucial for export markets

The Director of the DFD, Ian Wright believes that additional government support would unlock the full potential of export markets. He said: “More specialist support for new and existing exporters, with fiscal incentives and financial assistance, would get more of the country’s 6,500 plus food and drink producers exporting”.

Diminishing sterling effecting cost of UK imports

There has been a conscious effort for UK food and drink businesses to better compete in global markets. Despite the rise in food export figures overall, the decreasing value of sterling has made imports more expensive, resulting in an increase in the food and drink trade deficit.

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