Published On: 10/12/20201.6 min read

Smylies is super excited to announce that our partner brand, The Kings Deli, has recently added four fantastically flavourful new tastes to its world flavours range of hand-cooked British crisps.

Using only the best, carefully curated British potatoes which are cut thicker than your average crisp and seasoned with the mouth-watering world flavour mixes that have been specially selected from around the world for their tantalising tastes and adventurous appeal.

American Sticky BBQ

Who doesn’t love the scents and tastes of a good old BBQ? Well, we take that idea and add some American sticky sweetness to the mix with our sticky BBQ rib, inspired by the kind of flavours you would expect when barbecuing in America’s deep south.

Thai Sriracha Chilli

Spice things up with the Thai Inspired Sriracha Chilli flavour. The mixture of cayenne pepper and smoked paprika combined with the heat of the chilli make for a medley of tasty tongue curling flavours that will transport you to the bustling streets of Bangkok and beyond.

Japanese Katsu Curry

If you thought we weren’t going any further east, think again. The Japanese Katsu Curry flavoured crisps are packed with east Asian spices, perfect for those looking for a taste of the orient on a perfectly cooked British potato.

Jamaican Jerk

Play it cool with the new Jamaican Jerk crisps from The Kings Deli. These world flavour favourites are packed with Caribbean tastes such as thyme, cinnamon and cayenne pepper, a mixture that will leave you wanting more of the Caribbean, even if it’s just in a crisp and not a beach.

World Flavours For Global Export

All of our fantastic world flavours from The Kings Deli are available for export all across the globe, visit Smylies shop today and start your order of some of the best British snacks available on the market!