Published On: 27/03/20182 min read
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The Soil Association have recently released their 2018 organic report, stating that the organic market in the UK is worth more than it has ever been at £2.2 billion. With growth at an impressive 6%, there has never been a better time to join this expanding market, synonymous with health and clean eating. Smylies have a range of organic groceries, chilled foods and even beauty products available for export worldwide.

Why should your business choose organic products?

Healthy VegetablesOrganic food is grown or raised completely without any stimulants and is therefore thought to be the healthier, cleaner option when eating or purchasing produce. The organic market is made up of dairy, chilled food and produce, along with beauty and wellbeing items. Organic items have been dominating sales in the UK between 2016/17 and sales are set to increase globally.

Independent retailers saw a growth in the organic sector of nearly 10% and supermarket sales have increased by 4.2%. Organic produce in the food service industry grew the most, with an increase of 10.2%. Whether you are a wholesaler, exporter or overseas retailer, your business can benefit by choosing organic groceries with Smylies.

Healthy Food MealsThe range available from Smylies includes products made with natural ingredients from brands such as Rachel’s, Doves Farm, Mr Organic, Biona and more. With such a wide selection to choose from, you can browse the food and drink ready for you to import with Smylies.

According to The Guardian, it is believed that such a substantial growth in the organic market is down to consumers putting their trust in brands and products which have clear transparency and traceability on their labelling and packaging. No matter where you are in the world, we can translate product labels in a wide range of languages as Smylies offers a bespoke export labelling service.

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