Published On: 18/02/20202.7 min read
Vegan Food Trends 2020

In the recently published Top Products Survey 2019 by The Grocer, it was revealed that the vegan movement has continued to gain serious momentum over the last 12 months.

Worldwide sales for vegan produce soared across 2019, and in our latest blog post we detail the extent of this growth as well as provide you with information on how Smylies can help you import items from all the UK’s favourite vegan brands!

Mr OrganicWhat is veganism?


Veganism is a practice that has become increasingly popular in the past view years, with several high profile celebrities even joining the green movement and promoting vegan products!

If you are still not entirely sure what this eating pattern involved, a vegan diet means you are not to consume meat, eggs dairy or any other items from an animal origin.

There are many reasons as to why someone would adopt a vegan lifestyle, whether it be for ethical, health or environmental purposes.

Rude HealthA successful year for vegan food brands

Another year has passed, and the meat-free market has taken a tighter grasp on the food industry. It is now clear to everyone within the food and drink sector that this category has now become a movement, and not just a temporary trend.

This movement is emphasised by the figures from 2019, with The Grocer’s latest Top Products Survey disclosing that the meat-free market is now worth a staggering £404m; jumping 18% on the last 12 months.

On top of this, the survey also revealed that sales of meat-free products shot up by 22% in 2019, as many food brands tried to lure the vegan market with lines of new non-meat products. For example, Quorn – one of the leading brands in the vegan market – made a value gain of £8.9m in 2019 alone, largely thanks to their constant product innovation.

Other meat-free brands that experienced large value gain were Linda McCartney’s and Vivera, rising in value by £5.3m and £8.3m respectively.

Export a wide range of meat-free products with Smylies!

With more and more people deciding to opt for a vegan lifestyle, it is now more important than ever for your store to include stock that caters for this market. Meat-free produce is now backed by several high-profile names, meaning the demand for these items is only going to continue to soar.

At Smylies, we are proud to stock a variety of different plant-based items that a readily available for worldwide export, therefore allowing your business to tap into the ever-growing vegan market.

So, embrace veganism now by heading over to the Smylies shop today!


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