Published On: 09/03/20171.5 min read
Portugal to trial compulsory origin labelling on dairy products

Portugal is the second European country in quick succession to announce a trial of origin labelling after France declared a two-year test on meat and milk products.

Consumers in Portugal will soon be able to differentiate between milk produced in Portugal and milk produced elsewhere. Origin labelling is increasing in popularity as buyers want more transparency in their purchases. Incidents of fraud and the horse meat scandal have increased pressure on governments to introduce compulsory labelling.

Origin labeling supported by EU parliament

Greece, Finland, Lithuania and Italy have also made requests for similar labelling and the trials are supported by the European Parliament. Those who disagree with the introduction of country of origin labelling argue that it will have a negative impact on producers who are located close to borders, hinder trade in the single market and drive up prices for consumers.

With consumers looking for more information about the items in their baskets it looks likely that more countries will introduce similar labelling trials.

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