Published On: 24/08/20171.6 min read
3 Yoghurt Pots

The free-from market is growing every year with around 80% of shoppers buying products in the free-from aisle. One of Smylies’ biggest chilled export products, Rachel’s, will be adding to the Free-From food category later this year with a new range of lactose-free yoghurts.

‘Free-from’ food market expanding

The new range is set to hit the shelves in October, with two flavours, Natural and Strawberry being released initially and a third peach flavour being released later in the year. More people are choosing to live a free-from lifestyle and as a result are choosing organic and natural products in favour of other products with artificial ingredients.

The yoghurts hope to bring ‘more choice’ to the free-from range with improved flavours, opening up the limited market to those with lactose intolerances or those who simply want to choose a free-from lifestyle.

Export Rachel’s yoghurts globally from the Smylies shop.

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Import Rachel’s Lactose Free Yoghurt

For more information on our logistics services or to see your free-from brand in wholesalers and shops around the world, get in touch with Smylies. Our services aren’t just limited to exporting goods, we also offer warehouse facilities, product labelling to meet different regulations in different countries and receipt, handle and dispatch of goods along with many more. You can make enquiries by contacting us online.

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