Published On: 08/06/20181.8 min read
wheel of cheese

Who doesn’t love a little bit of cheddar with pickle on a sandwich, parmesan sprinkled over a home cooked pasta dish or mozzarella melted on a pizza? It comes as no surprise that figures surrounding UK cheese exports has grown up to nearly 25%. Smylies are happy to provide delicious dairy products across the globe from big brands such as Cathedral City and Pilgrim’s Choice to more independent cheese makers including Quicke’s and Wensleydale Creamery. So, why has the cheese industry boomed over the last few years?

Why are UK cheese exports so high?

According to data from the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) the reason the export industry is fast becoming a cheese-dominated world is due to the quality of the product.


From crumbly wensleydale to creamy stinking bishop, there is no shortage of cheese in Britain, and the rest of the world seems to agree. HMRC statistics show that cheddar is the leading force in exports with Ireland, France and the Netherlands at the forefront of this boom and as such, the value of cheddar increased to up to 57% over the course of the year. However, there has also been a notable increase in fresh cheese sales such as mozzarella.


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Cheese is a staple in any diet, from being enjoyed with a simple slice of bread and butter to being a key ingredient in a Roquefort salad, and Smylies export the best of British cheese to all four corners of the globe. Whether you fancy classic cheese on toast or your customers love Cheesestrings, keep your overseas shop stocked with UK cheese from Smylies!

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