Published On: 16/04/20211.4 min read
Smylies export to africa

Africa’s population is predicted to double by 2050 and has one of the quickest growing economies in the world. As the continent develops further, business opportunities become more and more apparent.

As a global exporter, Smylies appreciates the value of the African market and we look forward to continuing our business there.

Business opportunities in Africa

As the continent grows, so does the wealth. Africa has an expanding middle class, meaning that there is more disposable income available than ever before. By taking advantage of this early on, you can create a well-established business, attracting more and more people over the years.

65% of the population is currently under the age of 35. With such a young population and constant improvements in the education system and technology, there is potential for unrivalled progress. Africa is also set to become the world’s largest free trade area, making it easier than ever for the food export business. This would remove many tariffs and would speed up border delays, making the whole process more fluid.

Smylies has a dedicated African sales manager, we are fully focused on this market and we are currently supplying Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, Ghana, Gambia, Libya, South Africa. We work with distributors, wholesalers and retailers worldwide to export British food favourites, household goods and popular brands.

Food exportation services from Smylies

If you are interested in exporting to African countries, speak to a member of our team for advice and support today. From frozen food to household goods, we can offer a one-stop-shop for exportation from the UK abroad.
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