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Mr. Organic

Organically producing pasta sauces and a range of ambient grocery goods, Mr Organic have brought a taste of Italy to British households, inspiring nutritious meals for a decade!

With both taste and ethically sourced ingredients at the centre of their produce, Smylies are proud to have Mr Organic as one of our leading brands, exporting their products to businesses worldwide.

So, in our latest article, we introduce you to the Mr Organic way, and give you all the information on how you can shop their range with Smylies!

Who are Mr Organic?

Born in the Italian capital Rome, Mr Organic was created with the prime focus on producing 100% organic products and inventing delicious, nutritious food, good for the body and the soul.

Making a positive change on the way people eat, the brand launched their first range of tomato sauces and ketchups in 2009, harvesting them on their very own farms.

With the farms right next to the Mr Organic factory, their passatas are crafted within 5 hours of picking the tomatoes, capturing the freshest flavours and highest nutrients in each and every bottle, and this hasn’t changed!

Over the years, their product range has expanded across pasta sauces and pesto’s producing even more tasty products, all organically produced.

Their range also includes sweet indulgences, such as biscuits, rich chocolate spreads as well as breadsticks and salsa sauces!

As innovation keeps growing, every sauce is still based on the same ethical values as day one; produce, planet, plant-based, people and positivity; known as their 5 P’s!

Every supplier is also carefully chosen, with their organic methods driven on creating positive changes on both a global and personal scale.

Through reducing their carbon footprint as much as possible, ethically sourcing their ingredients and not using any preservatives or genetically modified add-ins, their methods are having a positive effect on biodiversity and our ecosystem.

Recycling is also a key part of the Mr Organic way:  most of the Mr Organic range comes in either glass bottles or BPAfree tins.

Not only this, but the brand support numerous charities with their volunteering and donations. For example: balancing out their pasta packaging, just one of their donations is to the One Tree Planted project, where they annually donate to equal the amount of 365 trees.

Plant-based since day one, Mr Organic have grown across the organic, ambient grocery market and have been 100% vegan for over 2 years now, delivering the highest quality food with organically produced ingredients.

Shop Mr. Organic with Smylies

Now you know all about the origins of Mr Organic’s tasty sauces, why not start your order for some of their flavoursome product range on the Smylies shop?

Smylies have all the best Mr Organic pasta sauces as well as their healthier choice range with no added sugar, including Bolognese, Chilli Arrabiata, and Basilico. Not to mention their tomato Passata, Ketchup and chopped Cherry Tomato tins.

Although their sauces are at the heart of what they do, Mr Organic also have some essential cooking ingredients to add to your basket too.

From their range of organic Tinned Beans, Lentil Mix, and Risotto Rice, to their flavoured conserve’s and variety of Apple Cider Vinegar, their organic produce will make the perfect touch to any meal.

Start stocking deliciously organic  products with Mr Organic imports from the UK.

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