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Smylies are one of the world’s leading export services as we provide exceptional British food and drink as well as global brands to import to each of the four corners of the globe! Based in Liverpool, England, Smylies have set ourselves up by excellent transport links and created a state-of-the-art system that allows you to get your food fresh, no matter where in the world you are. So, how do Smylies keep food fresh during exportation?

How Smylies Transport Food

As the phrase goes, location location location! Being in Liverpool has its many advantages, as we are next to one of the UK’s biggest airports, where we dispatch on average fifty tonnes of air freight weekly. Smylies have been classed as a ‘known cargo’ exporter, which  means that we have preferential treatment at the airport, which, in turn, keeps delays at a minimum. Our team also work with major freight forwarders so that we are able to provide the best possible shipment rates for each of our orders to any destination when it arrives by air!

Liverpool is also part of a dock on the west coast of England which acts as one of Britain’s major seaports, which means we can ship hundreds of containers annually. To try and keep costs low for all our customers, Smylies works closely with major freight companies and shipping lines. Any customs or export documentation can also be included, as well as any Bills of Lading! Take a closer look at our sea freight solutions here.

Of course, Smylies also offer road freight for our dedicated customers in the UK, Ireland and Europe. When delivered via the road, you can choose from an economy or express delivery time so that your products reach their destination as quickly as possible, going from our HQ to your supermarket shelves sooner than you think! See how we use extensive road freight networks to get your order straight to your door.
All our food, drink and non-groceries are sent via our innovative temperature controlled and ambient vehicles to ensure freshness across all the products that we stock so that your chilled, refrigerated and frozen items arrive in perfect condition. Smylies don’t just export great food and drink.

We also sort out the labelling and logistics for you.

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