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Wherever in the world your supermarket is located, it is important that your shelves are stocked with products that your customers are guaranteed to love from cheese to chocolate. Smylies work with globally recognised brands as well as local businesses ready to supply to your overseas store. What are some of the top trends that you should be thinking about when placing your next order?

Healthy Food for Global Export

Clean eating, superfoods and organic plant-based eating is dominating the food market recently with an increase in vegan diets and many now seeing their health and fitness as a priority. From protein filled snacks to organic non-dairy yoghurts, Smylies can help provide your business with the right produce to ensure you cater to the ever-growing ‘clean label’ audience which could in turn boost your profits!

Independent Labels on Supermarket Shelves

Exclusivity has always been desirable from the clothes that we wear to the cars that we drive, however the want for a product that is special and unique is now predicted to affect food shopping habits. Buying from a premium or independent brand such as Booja Booja chocolate and The King’s Deli crisps allows customers to feel as if they can distinguish themselves and buy into a product that they can trust. See the full range of amazing grocery brands you can import with Smylies.

Locally Sourced Food

Knowing exactly where the ingredients in your food are from is becoming a selling point when it comes to produce, especially when the brand you’re buying from uses local products whether it is milk for the cheese or nuts for peanut spread. Shoppers feel as if they are buying into a small business and supporting their growth, as well as having clear descriptions as to where their food has come from. Smylies supports local business as well as recognised brands and helps export their delicious food all over the world!

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