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Plastic Bottles

Unnecessary food waste and plastic packaging polluting the world’s oceans has become somewhat of a talking point in 2018. Here at Smylies we concern ourselves with making improvements and offering services that are environmentally friendly, which is why we are proud to say we are certified carbon neutral.

How can your business help tackle food waste?

Food waste in the supermarket industry, not just in the UK but around the world, is a prevalent issue. The UN Food and Agriculture Organisation said in 2017 that 28% of the world’s agriculture area grows crops that are ultimately thrown away or wasted. In February 2016 the French government introduced a law that encouraged shops to donate their unsold food to charities and food banks by banning the destruction or throwing away of produce left on the shelf.

Donate Unused Produce

This model offers all businesses that deal with food products a way to not only get rid of their unused or unsold stock, but also help feed those who are in need at no extra cost to you. In fact, donating produce from supermarkets, newsagents and restaurants has inspired a tidal wave of apps and websites around the world that do the heavy lifting for you.
Market with seeds and nuts

Best Before Dates

Donating food isn’t the only way the world is helping overcome the issue of wasted food. For example, smart labels and biodegradable packaging are being trialled by Arla, whose products are available for export through Smylies. This packaging is said to deteriorate at the same rate as the food so that consumers are less inclined to throw something away based on its ‘best before’ date, even if the product is safe to eat.

Food Waste Shops Help Those in Poverty

In the UK and Denmark, food-waste shops have emerged who stock food that has outlived its ‘best before’ date but is still consumable and is sold at a reduced rate, or only for what the customer can afford or is willing to pay. This helps families who live in poverty and don’t have access to food banks as well as those who are homeless and need sustenance.

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