Published On: 04/11/20193 min read

Smylies have been hard at work investing in the latest food technologies available and have subsequently improved a huge range of internal business processes over the last 2 years. Our primary goals were set to modernize our processes with regards to worldwide customers buying through Smylies, increasing our online presence as well as implementing a buying portal that was of the highest possible standard.

Portal Enhancements

As the biggest area of focus for investment, the portal transformed into something special for both customers and advertisers – it has never been easier to buy and promote beloved British brands for global export. Here’s a breakdown of the features added to the Smylies Portal which have proved to be a great source of success;

  • Improved eCommerce shopping experience
  • More discounts for customers & extra promotion opportunities for brands
  • Seamless client communication
  • Invoicing
  • Supplier Integrations
  • Expanded product availability
  • 1-2-3 account creation
  • Complete integration between Portal & Warehouse Management System.

Take a peek inside the revolutionary Portal to see why we are so proud.

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Further Investments in Food Technology

The senior directors at Smylies challenged their internal team and our innovative tech partner – MonkeyFish Marketing – to improve our portal and WMS (Warehouse Management System). After investing over half a million pounds to achieve the focus, the results are nothing short of amazing.

  1. Barcode Scanners – Supporting Smylies staff in their mission to deliver a first-class export service by supplying a fleet of mobile instructional computers. The scanners provide extensive support in the form of picking and packing, GR, processing and validating items going through the system, making a significant positive impact on the business’ internal operations.
  2. Logistic Management – A dramatic improvement in customer satisfaction rate occurred as a result of heavy investments to logistic management, as all goods entering and shipping from HQ are now validated efficiently.
  3. Shipment Processing -Further investment in this area means Smylies now offer a variety of pre-shipment processing additions, including product date coding, multi lingual product labeling and can even offer products not available directly from the Smylies Portal.
  4. API Integrations – A bi-directional integration connector now allows for seamless communication between client accounts and HQ – and we’ve been busy completing integrations with TESCO Labs, Brandbank and many more industry leaders. Investing in API Integrations has given Smylies access to a focal point of sales support for all buyers as well as access to a plethora of marketing materials

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Following on from the incredible success brought on by our investments in technology Smylies are focused on continuing to move forward as export industry leaders. We are excited to tackle the challenge brought by the ever-growing demands of global export market. Get in touch with a member of our team to discover how your operation stands to benefit from working with Smylies – regardless of your location.

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