Published On: 25/06/20182.1 min read
Full English Breakfast

Whilst many British people choose to emigrate abroad for work, leisure or retirement, there is one thing that is missed more than anything about life in the UK, and that is, of course, food! Whilst the cuisine here on the British Isles might not be exotic, a good cup of tea, some beans on toast and the occasional crumpet is hard to beat.

Smylies exports some of the world’s biggest brands to countries across the globe, including UK favourites. You don’t have to wait until your next trip overseas to stock up on Warburtons, Cadbury’s or Cathedral City Cheese, instead order your favourites through Smylies.

British Food Online

Buy Chocolate for Export

Cadbury’s is uniquely British, and Smylies have a great range of products from chocolate bars to ice cream and even spreads. The creamy tasting chocolate is a favourite of expats and British residents alike. Smylies also stock Thornton’s available for export anywhere in the world so that you can enjoy great British chocolate, wherever you are!

Lunchtime Favourites

Since moving away, have you missed a good cheese sandwich made with Warburton’s bread and a smear of Branston pickle? Here at Smylies you can order a great range of grocery products to export, including HP Sauce, Heinz Tomato Soup and Richmond Sausages, everything you need to make a great lunchtime meal. Why not see the grocery brands available here?

Import British Crisps

Nothing quite compares to a crunchy bag of crisps. Whilst there are many brands available around the world, certain flavours such as Walker’s Cheese and Onion is hard to come by. Whether you miss packets of Prawn Cocktail or you want to much on McCoy’s crinkle cut crisps, you can order snacks and crisps from Smylies.

Do you miss your favourite food?

There is a lot to miss about the UK, but our unique cuisine is a comfort that can be hard to let go of. Smylies stock and deliver British favourites that you can’t buy abroad around the world.

If you want to know more about our products in the spotlight, take a look at Smylies’ Featured Brands and see if you can find your favourite.

Everyone should have access to the meals they love the most, so get in touch with Smylies today and you can begin placing your order. Call us directly on +44 (0) 151 653 3335 or if you can’t talk right now, one of our advisers will call you back when you contact us online.