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Top UK Food & Drink Exports to USA, Canada, Australia & New Zealand

Smylies is one of the UK’s leading wholesale food exporters – shipping the best of British brands to over 170 countries worldwide. The year 2020 has witnessed significant shifts in UK export values, as the impact of Covid-19 materialised.

In this latest blog post, we’re going to take a look at UK exports to The United States and Canada, as well as Australia and New Zealand – gaining an insight into the export of British Brands to other English speaking countries.

What is the UK’s biggest food export to English speaking countries?

Once again, whiskey is the largest food and drink export item from the UK. Whilst there has been a decline in the value of exports in 2020, due events such as the global pandemic, whiskey is still the most popular British export product on the market. The USA is it’s most popular export destination, with an import value of £749.8m.

British Food and Drink Exports to the USA

Despite variations in regulations when exporting food and drink products to the United States, it remains the UK’s third most important country when it comes to food and drink exports. As the world’s largest economy in terms of GDP, The United States is one of the most significant countries for British exporters following an increase of 50% over the past decade in export sales. However, the Covid-19 pandemic has reduced this gain with items such as Whiskey and Salmon seeing a decline by 30 and 40 percent respectively.

As a result of the United States facing adverse weather conditions in 2020, the country has relied much more heavily on the importation of beet sugar and as you will find in the information below, the United Kingdom has significantly aided the USA with this as sugar joins the top 10 exports from Britain to the US.

Top 10 – United States (2020)

Here are the top food and drink products exported to the USA in 2020.

  • Whiskey – £749.8 million
  • Gin – £106.4 million
  • Salmon – £144.8 million
  • Beer – £101.7 million
  • Soft Drinks- £78.8 million
  • Spirits – £52.6 million
  • Cheese – £44.8 million
  • Wine – £43.8 million
  • Fish – £34.7 million
  • Sugar – £30.2 million

UK Food and Drink Exports to Canada

In December 2020, the United Kingdom and Canada signed a trade agreement to continue their trading relationship, with a view to strengthening this relationship in the future. As a member of the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership(CPTPP), Canada is one of few members that saw an increase in imports from the UK with exports to Canada rising by 8% to £371.5m.

Top 5 – Canada (2020)

Here are the top food and drink products exported to Canada in 2020.

  • Whiskey – £90.7 million
  • Beer – £32 million
  • Chocolate – £26.4 million
  • Gin – £24.6 million
  • Beef – £20.3 million

UK Food and Drink Exports to Australia and New Zealand

2020 saw a decline in export sales to both Australia and New Zealand from the UK, despite a combined food and drink import value of £484m for the two nations. As the 11th most important export destination for the UK, Australia is currently negotiating a trade agreement with the United Kingdom. Although there was a decline in export value (6% with regards to Australia), this was a much smaller decrease than the average export value loss the UK has seen in 2020.

Top 5 – Australia (2020)

  • Whiskey – £115.7 million
  • Gin – £27.6 million
  • Savoury Snacks – £26.8 million
  • Spirits – £26.4 million
  • Chocolate – £16.7 million

Top 5 – New Zealand (2020)

  • Whiskey – £9.7 million
  • Whey – £5.1 million
  • Gin – £3.6 million
  • Soft Drinks – £2.9 million
  • Chocolate – £2.8 million

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