Published On: 02/06/20171.7 min read
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According to the Food and Drink Federation (FDF), UK food and drink exports increased by 8.3% in the first three months compared with the same period in 2016. These figures are record breaking for the industry, and proves the sector is succeeding despite Brexit and the uncertain value of the pound.

Food and drink growth overseas

The figures from the FDF reveal that the export industry has not only increased in the EU by 7.4%, but also in Non-EU countries by 9.4%. With Brexit approaching, it is promising that the markets of non-EU countries are continuing to work with the UK and hopefully will continue to strengthen relationships post-Brexit.

The demand for UK food and drink abroad is increasing, and with UK exports up in the first quarter, the rest of the year looks promising for the industry. FDF Director General Ian Wright said: “The growth of food and alcoholic drink exports we’ve seen in Q1 is very encouraging news for our industry”.

Ireland is the UK’s top export destination

Smylies work with many UK brands, delivering British food, drink and ambient goods to destinations all over the globe and are proud to be a part of a successful trade in the UK. Overall, Ireland was the number one export destination with a totally of £384.3M worth of exports for the sector. With continued growth in EU and non-EU countries, Smylies will continue to strengthen relationships abroad and continue to export UK food and drink brands overseas. Learn about the award winning UK Exporting company.

Choose Smylies for food and drink exportation

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