Published On: 12/07/20171.6 min read
UK food and drink sector set to boom

The export of British products to destinations around the world is leading to a boom in the UK food and drink sector. A report by EEF shows that more British-based manufacturers should look to embrace overseas markets because of increased demand.

British products in China and India

British goods are wanted in countries like China and India thanks to their reputation for high-quality, animal welfare and emphasis on sustainability. These countries are experiencing a growing middle class that is affluent and focused on western-style products. This gives UK manufacturers the perfect conditions to be a success in these massive international markets.

Many manufacturers look to Europe when exporting their goods, and this does continue to be the biggest destination for British products. But with the ongoing negotiations concerning Brexit, businesses should look further afield to currently underserved markets. The year on year increase in food and drink export figures reflects the strong interest in grocery, chilled and frozen products.

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