Published On: 21/03/20171.7 min read
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Figures released by the Food and Drink Federation showed that exports of branded food and non-alcoholic drinks rose by 13.6% in the third quarter of 2016.

These numbers represent the biggest quarterly export sales, an increase on the figures in Q2 which held the previous record. It is clear that demand for UK food and drink in both EU and non-EU countries continues to rise.

Increased demand from China for British food brand exports

Sales of UK food and drink products to non-EU markets grew significantly throughout 2016 with China seeing a £124m growth in the year-to-date figures. Although Ireland, France and the Netherlands remain the top three export destinations for UK products, countries all over the world are seeing an increased demand.

British exports vital for post EU era

The most sought after product categories were chocolate, salmon and cheese although all kinds of items were seeing an increase in popularity. These figures reflect the growing need for British products to be exported and as the UK leaves the European Union our export services will be more important than ever.

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