Published On: 30/08/20193 min read
Smylies new website

If you’ve browsed our website over the past few days or even done some shopping through our online shop, you may have noticed our fresh new look. So, Smylies would like to officially introduce you to our brand-new website!

Now up and running, we have transformed our website in to a more user-friendly and eye-catching platform, which allows customers to find out all about Smylies existing and new services.

Alongside this, the Smylies shop has had some improvements too, ensuring customers have the best access to our amazing food and drink brands.

So, what’s new?

Our fresh new look

Over the years, Smylies has introduced new and inventive features to their services, including an online shop, brand partners, our private labels, leading IT systems and more.

With this in mind, we wanted our website to share the on-going developments that have seen Smylies exporting services expand.

Brand builder

Smylies brand builder packages allow brands to benefit from a network of wholesalers from across the world, as we promote their produce using our online platforms.

Using direct marketing campaigns, we boost sales, and now through our website, brands can see for themselves how brands have grown from our range of proven brand builder packages, as well as how to get involved.

Partnered brands

Not only do Smylies work with brands to promote their food and drink produce, but we also partner with manufacturers to exclusively export their produce to businesses worldwide.

Our website features a page dedicated to our partnered brands, and hopefully there’s more to come!

About Smylies

Within our new website additions, Smylies leading brands, awards, history, logistics and news is all still available for customers to explore; with extra additions and an innovative design.

Now, customers can also read about our leading IT systems, as well as view our fantastic awards and accreditations.

Not forgetting our exclusive own brands, The King’s Deli and The King’s Dairy. Smylies delicious own labels can be found all in one place and are also available to purchase on the online shop.

Updating our online shop

This year, Smylies introduced an online shop, allowing customers worldwide to shop for their produce using a cutting-edge portal.

As we are constantly striving to develop our online platform, Smylies have recently made some adjustments to make customers shopping experience as easy as ever!

A more user-friendly customer account section now allows for the user to reorder produce they have previously had imported. Using a “reorder” functionality, they can quickly regenerate quotes and prices.

The category filters have also been adapted to return more accurate results, alongside a global search tool, allowing for easier navigation to all-time favourite products.

The Smylies shop has also had some design changes, with a full-width layout, category sidebar styling and promotions page showing all active promotions.

Existing customers are guaranteed to have a more enjoyable shopping experience, and if you’re a new customer, join the Smylies community by signing up for an account today!

Contact Smylies for worldwide exports

If you would like to find out more about Smylies exporting services, then get in touch with our dedicated team who will be happy to help you with any enquires you have.

Call us directly on +44 (0) 151 653 3335, or if you can’t talk right now then feel free to contact us online and we will get back to you.

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