Published On: 01/11/20182.1 min read
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Happy World Vegan Day 2018 from us here at Smylies! Since 1994, World Vegan day has been celebrated on the 1st November every year.

The word ‘vegan’ was originally derived from the word ‘vegetarian’, with people adopting the vegan lifestyle steering clear of all meat and dairy products. This is as well as any makeup and clothing that contains produce that has come from an animal.

World Vegan Day started as a way of commemorating the 50th anniversary of the UK Vegan Society and since then, veganism has become widely popular over recent years with The Vegan Society discovering there are 600,000 vegans in Great Britain in 2018.

As we export food and drink worldwide here at Smylies, we understand it is important that we cater to everyone.

Why has the vegan lifestyle become so popular?

With big celebrity names such as Will.I.Am and J-Lo joining the vegan lifestyle, is this way of life a healthier choice?

Vegan diets often contain fewer saturated fats, meaning they are more aware of healthy foods. In turn, they consume less processed food, all of which reduces their risk of heart disease.

If you’re considering removing meat from your diet, plant foods are also easier on your digestion, and with the consumption of extra vitamin c and consequent collagen, you may find your skin starts to improve.

From an environment perspective, a plant-based diet requires less energy and farmland. So, if you’re thinking of supplying vegan-based products to your customers, start importing with Smylies!

Smylies export wholesale Vegan produce

To cater for our vegan retailers, we stock a range of vegan and vegetarian food’s such as leading brands, Quorn and Linda McCartney.

You can choose from a range of their meat alternatives, or if you’re looking for dairy free products, we supply Alpro’s dairy free range and company Koko who exclusively manufactures dairy free alternatives such as cto yoghurts, milk and spreads.

Browse our selection of British food available for worldwide export.

Our own exclusive brand of crisps, The King’s Deli, is also gluten and lactose free and a vegan-friendly product. You can find out more about The King’s Deli online.

Contact Smylies today and start importing vegan brands to your country

For more information about the vegan ranges we stock here at Smylies ready for worldwide export, then get in touch with our expert advisers today on +44 (0) 151 653 3335.

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